improve your working environment


fully electric operation


Move the monitors up and down

to your preferred height.


Adjust monitors back and forth

to suit your focusing distance.


As you adjust the monitor

height and distance,

the viewing angle is equally important.


Alternate between sitting and

standing position.

Adjust the table for your own

personal height and build.


There is more...    
LED lightning, providing:   Foot rest
  Ambient light
  Reading light
  Background illumination
  Low energy consumption
Table tilt
Privacy screen providing noise reduction
PC holder mounted on right and/or left side
Automatic ambient light adjustment
Built-in power outlets and cable management   Available in different sizes, also custom made



  Table specifications:    
  Maximum power consumption:   200 W
  Mains:   230/117VAC 50/60Hz
  Maximum total load:   100 kg
  Table height:   650 - 1230 mm
  Total height (inc. lightning):   1450 - 2030 mm
  Weight (without PC/monitors):   120 kg
  Tilt range:   -3° and +10°
  Maximum total monitor weight with electrical monitor lift:   50 kg
  Maximum total monitor weight with manual/without monitor lift:   60 kg
  Minimum door opening:   890 mm
  Minimum door opening with slightly dis-assembled table:   780 mm



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